Samantha-39 sister-ships

"De mi Manera"

 Prototype. Built 1977,  Nairobi, Kenya.

1977- 1979. “De mi Manera”.  Original buyer:  Ian Cummings,  Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
1979- 1991. “La Biscotte”.  Owner:  Gordon Paxton, British, in southern France.
1991- 2011. “De Dolemieu”.  Owners:  A couple in La Rochelle, France.

2011-          “De mi Manera”.  Present owner:

David Juge, Porto Vecchio, Corsica, France. E-mail:      

"De mi Manera", Corsica, France, 2012


Nr 2.
1978- 1981. Original buyer: Roger and Margaret Perkins, Channel Isles. West Indies 1981.
1981- 1987. Owners: Neil and Susan Colbourn, Scotland. West Indies 1981-86.

2019-          Present owners:

Darren and Claire Naulls, Hull marina, England.


"Alligande", Hull England, 18.Aug.2020.

"African Queen"

Nr 3.

19xx- 19xx. “African Queen”. Original registered to a couple from England.

19xx- 2010. “Margarita”. Greek ownership for over a decade.

2010- 2011. “African Queen”. Owner: Jovi Starc

2011-          “African Queen”. Present owner:

Milan Vesely, Woodland, Washington State, USA.


"African Queen", Paros, Greece, 2018.


Built 1978 Nairobi, Kenya.
1978- 1981. Original buyer: Bunny and Kay Ray, Sussex, England. West Indies 1980.
1981- 1984. Owners: William and Monica Cocker, Canada.
1984- 1986. Owners: Michael and Nancy Mitchell, Canada.
1986- ?        Owner: M.Delano Properties Inc., West Virginia, USA
Present owner unknown. 


"Clear Sailing"

Hull nr 7. Launched 1978 in Mombasa, Kenya.

1978- 2016. “Mjamaji”. Owner: Grant and Anne-Marie Prior, Lions Bay, British Colombia, Canada. E-mail: 

2016-      “Clear Sailing”. Present owner: Mark S.Thomas Consulting Inc., Jacksonville, Florida, USA. E-mail: 

“Clear Sailing” at her home harbor in East Palatka, Florida USA, Oct.2020


Built 1978 Nairobi, Kenya. 
2010-     Present owner:
Stefan Riedl, Mombasa, Kenya. E-mail:

"Samantha", Mombasa Kenya, 2011.
Launched 1986 in Mombasa.
1980- 2019. "Shujaa". Original buyer: Andy Wiseman. Kilifi, Kenya.

2019-        “Amelie”. Present owner: Christian, Germany.

"Hubble Bubble"

Built 1978 Nairobi, Kenya. 

2007- 2020. Owner: Robert McCrone, Nairobi, Kenya, E-mail:

2020-        Present owners: Christian, Germany. E-mail:

                           and Stefan, Mombasa, Kenya. E-mail:             

"Hubble Bubble", Kilifi Creek, Kenya, May 2011.
The name "Kahawa" is Swahili and means "Coffee".
Launched 1987, Mombasa, Kenya.


1978 – 2012. Original buyer: Palle Rune, Mombasa, Kenya. E-mail:

2012 - 2015. Mombasa Yacht Club, Att. Chris Soper, Kenya. E-mail:

2015 - 2022. owner: Peter Olivier, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. E-mail:

2022: -    Present owner: Van and Sheels Ballard, Nandi Hills, Kenya. E-mail:

"Kahawa", Mombasa, Kenya


The name "Malaika" is Swahili and means "Angel".

2013-     Present owner:

Attilio Tricca, Thika, Kenya.  E-mail:  

"Malaika" Kenya, 2013

Samantha-39 mark 2. Launched 1980, registered in Southampton, England.
1979- 1984. Original buyer: Stephen Holland, Whangarei, New Zealand.
2006-    Present owners:
Ron and Margaret Trass, Masterton, New Zealand.  E-mail:      

"Pussyfooting" competing in a race at Mana Wellington, New Zealand, 2008.


Samantha-39 mark 2. First registration 1982, Southampton, England.
1994- 1998. Owner: Tony Rodgers, Auckland, New Zealand.
1998- 2006. Owner: Adrian Parlane, Nelson, New Zealand.   

2006-    Present owners:
Adrian and Paula Lemmens, Auckland, New Zealand. E-mail:

"WÉMOON", New Zealand, 2007.

The name "Kiboko" is Swahili and means "Hippopotamus" = "River-horse".
Samantha-39 mark 2. Built 1984 in Nairobi, Kenya.

1994- 2009. Owner: Viktor Böttcher, Germany.
2009-     Present owner:
Norbert Ponsaille, Marseille, France. E-mail: 

"Kiboko II" 2008 in France.


Samantha-39, mark 2

Built in 1985.

1983- 2013. Original buyer of the hull, builder and owner:

                      Peter Gaetzi and Martine Gauthier (Swiss flag)

2013-    Present owner:

Gilles Gauthier, (French flag). Based in Rochefort sur Mer, France.


"Bonamie", 2013, France
"Name Unknown"

This Samantha-39 was for sale on the Internet in July 2008.

Año (Year): 1981

Localizacíon (Location): Francia – Atlantic – Francia

Puerto (Port): No especificado

Bandera (Flag): Antillas Holandesas. Saint Maarteen 

Owner unknown.

The picture is from the announcement in July 2008.

Hull nr 4 (?). Launched 1978.

1978- 1985 “Lene III”. Original buyer: Kaj Blegvad-Andersen, Copenhagen

1985- 1993 “Umiaq”. Owner: Søren Back, Copenhagen

1993- 2003 “Mia”. Owner: Arne Olson, Copenhagen

2003- 2005 “Mia”. Owner: Jan Fevre, Copenhagen

2005- 2007 “Appetite”. Owner: Nicolai Halken Skytte, Copenhagen

2007- 2016 “Appetite”. Owner (2’time): Arne Olson, Copenhagen. E-mail:  

2016- 2020  "Appetite". Owner: Frederik Johannsen, Holbaek, Denmark.


2020-          "Appetite". Present owner:

Lotte Søndermark og Kristoffer Kynemund, Svendborg, Denmark. E-mail:

"Appetite", Flakfortet Copenhagen, 11/7-2008.

"Overdraft II"
An almost forgotten Samantha 39.

Van Ballard sailed a lot on Overdraft II which was owned by David Craig.
This is Van Ballard’s story about Overdraft II:

Overdraft II was originally called Isindiri and bought new by Sambo Tham from Specialized Mouldings.

Isindiri was in the Specialised Mouldings factory when the company closed and was sold by the receivers to Mike Carnall and Paul Symington.

David Craig bought her from Mike and Paul.

In 1987, we sailed to Pemba Island, Zanzibar and Mafia Island; Pemba Island in 1989, the Seychelles in 1990 and in 1993 from Kilifi to Sri Lanka and Thailand. We returned to Kilifi in 1994 via the Similan Islands, Andaman Islands, Maldives and Chagos Islands. - A great trip.

David Craig sold her towards the end of the 1990s. I don't know who bought her.

Her new owners sailed from Lamu and I heard that she got in to trouble in the Red Sea and sank while being towed by a ship. - A sad end to a lovely yacht.

Sadly, David Craig, Mike Carnall and Paul Symington have all died but I knew them all and I am sure they would no have objection to being mentioned at the Samantha website.

Van Ballard, Kenya, August 2020


1982- 1984. Previous owner: Geir Lenes, Norway. Co-ownership with Mike Carnall.

The picture is taken from the Kilifi Bridge when “Overdraft II” was leaving for the Thailand trip, 1993.

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