"Alligande" story
"Alligande", US Virgin Islands, 1985

Neil and Susan Colbourn were owner's of "Alligande" from 1981-1987. This is their story about Alligande.

We owned and lived aboard "Alligande" from 1981 - 1986, 39 years have passed since selling our self-built Roberts 53 to Alligande's previous owners.
We successfully ran Alligande as a crewed charter yacht for 3 years based at Compass Point & Christmas Cove in the US Virgin Islands. She was a very comfortable live aboard and served us well.

She completed her second Transat in 1987 from the Caribbean to Ullapool in NW Scotland. We sold her at Hull Marina on the East coast of England in 1987. Until very recently, 2019, we have been unable to trace her current whereabouts or owners but now through the Sister Ships website she appears to be in good hands as a live aboard back where we sold her in 1987 at Hull Marina.

Sailing wise we found her windward performance somewhat restrictive however she was a great sea boat and gave both Susan and myself a great deal of pleasure, many memorable experiences and fond memories that stay with us today.

Our first son, lived the first 2 ½ years of his life aboard Alligande before we left the Caribbean and settled in Scotland.

 Neil & Susan Colbourn.

Last updated October 2020.