"Appetite" story
Appetite, Flakfortet, Copenhagen, 2008
Prior names: "Lene III", "Umiaq" and "Mia"

I, Arne Olson, was owner of “Appetite” for many years.


I have owned my Samantha-39 twice. The first period was 1993-2003. I named her “Mia”. The first few years she was moored in Hundested, later on in Copenhagen. During these 9 years I visited a great number of places in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Oslo Fiord is certainly my favourite. It was 9 seasons with great experiences and wonderful sailing in a unique boat.

Second time I bought her was March 2007. The name was now “Appetite”, which I decided to retain. In the first years she was moored in Margretheholm Harbour in Copenhagen, and later on Broendby Harbour.



I started the website www.Samantha-39.dk   in 2008, when I knew only my own Samantha.

Then, one by one, many Samantha-owners and previous owners have written to me, and many names, photos and stories can now be viewed at the Website and especially on the sisterships page.

I think, the Website is useful for owners and other people with an interest in Samantha. 

In November 2016 "Appetite" got new owners and a new harbour.


Arne Olson, November 2016