"Lene III" story

Kaj Blegvad-Andersen was original buyer and owner of "Lene III" 1978-1985. This is his story about Lene III.

In 1971 I was posted to Nairobi as a lecturer at
the University of Nairobi, teaching architecture. My family and I spent seven years in Kenya and loved the country. All good things come to an end and I was informed by the Danish Government, that I had to return to Denmark after my contract had expired. There was no job offer.


I got an idea. Jobs were scarce, why not buy a boat and sail around the world a couple of years. I had found a boatyard in Nairobi where they built yachts, a type called Samantha 39. I bought one and the prospects changed.


The Danish government asked me if I would consider a posting at the Danish embassy in Dar es Salaam. This changed my plans for sailing around the world. I decided to accept the job, moved to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and took the boat with me. That is to say I took delivery of the boat in July 1978.


There was and is a yacht club in Dar, I became member and the boat now called Lene 3 was moored outside the club. Four years of wonderful sailing in the waters of East Africa came. I got elected as Rear Commodore Sail at the club and arranged the weekly races. I met Grant Prior and got a lot of good advice from him.


In 1982 I was informed, that I had to return to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen. Sailing back was out of the question. I contracted a Russian company and Lene 3 was sent as deck cargo to Copenhagen.

I got a berth in Svanemoellehavnen in Copenhagen. From Copenhagen there are many possibilities for good sailing. We enjoyed four years in Denmark.

Duty called again and this time I was to be posted to Dhaka, Bangladesh at the Danish Embassy there.

I decided, that time for Lene 3 was up and sold her.


Kaj Blegvad-Andersen, October 2008