"Malaika" story

"Malaika", Kenya, 2013

Attilio Tricca is owner of “Malaika” since April 2013.
This is his story.

I am an Italian living in Thika Kenya since 1998.
Since young I like very much sailing. In Italy I had a MOUSQUETER 6.48 m boat.
Then because of my job I was not able to sail until now.
In 1998 I saw a hull in a garden of a big boat in half way of fitting; no rudder and rear mast, only the front mast.
Now after all these years I bought the hull.
It has a very little cockpit at rear, and a big top-deck. I would like to refit the boat with flush deck.
I am 54 years old and I would like to refit the boat in the 5 years missing for my retirement. 

Attilio Tricca, June 2013